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January 6, 2018
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Hi, Masa! Could it be correct that everybody in Japan wears Samurai-style kimono?
What? No! Nobody is putting on Samurai-style kimono nowadays.
Really!? I figured Japanese people still put on kimono…
Well, you will find a couple of occasions where we still put on traditional kimono and yukata, for instance when seeing a hanabi festival or around the Transitional phase day. But nowadays you'll find in Japan a lot of favor styles, for instance Onii-kei, Salon-kei, Kireime-kei, Street-kei etc. Incidentally, “kei” is Japanese and means “style”. Read below to discover much more about the various styles for men.

If Japanese women are thought experimental and bold if this involves fashion, males are indicated as chic, fabulous, and varied. Most males in Japan don't want to bother themselves with faint critique that's why they dress more delicately and courageous. In the executive level to teens, there's a trace of independence to everyone’s style. Looking the roads from the large metropolitan areas, many find the varied types of Japanese males. Business males ton the roads from the metropolitan areas every single day within the usual suit mostly in black but aside from it, there's no definite uniform regarding how Japanese males liven up which is actually liberating. Japanese males reach express their own individuality through dressing and adding accessories, something that's silently moderate with a other areas.

mode keiMen’s fashion market is not stereotyped and restricted to one “kei”, that is Japanese and means “style”. Men’s fashion styles are varied based on age and private preference of the guy. It's also varied based on whereby Japan he lives. Men’s styles are mainly personalized and combined with layered articles and add-ons. Formal styles might be divided and recognized through various -kei which follow:


A conservative and minimal dressing style. Most men love this style it's not exaggerated rather than noisy. The Kireime style is plain and simple and conservative, eliminating around the add-ons and concentrating on a single tone. It's almost not regarded as subculture of Japanese fashion as vacationers can totally relate and blend with Kireime-kei.

salon keiMode-kei.

These men rule the A-List in Japanese fashion industries. You can discover their whereabouts delicately walking around Tokyo, japan in Lv, Gucci, Prada, Dior Homme clothes and so on. This style may be the high-finish form of Kireime except that it's more ostentatious and bold. The label title of the outfit is essential.

It's possible to never eliminate individuals men who love taking things light, fun and crazy. Fun-loving styles are frequently transported through the more youthful males in Japan. Through fashion, the gentlemen reach separate themselves in the social norm and embrace their originality. Here are the famous fun and significant styles for men:


onii keiIt's not a large factor if a person discovers that boys do visit cosmetic schools. Salon-kei was began by men who attend beauty school. This style gears for the feminine side and it is indicated by mixed low and designer brands emphasized with add-ons like bags, hats, scarf, belt, and shades. And since they attend beauty school, they sweat in being careful of the hairstyle making as much as match their outfit.


Onii-kei may be the male counterpart of Onee-kei and also the conservative your government of Gyaruo-kei. It's a highly active style frequently connected with rocker and military looks but additionally with hosts. The style style is targeted towards high-finish style departing the rugged aspects of street style. Even though this style is trendy and edgy, Onii-kei is smooth and artistic. Additionally, it constitutes a strong statement if this involves hair do and fashion add-ons.


Visual-kei is deeply affected by Japan’s music subculture, Japanese Rock or J-Rock, almost monochromatic, black to be the base hue, with men putting on eyeliners, leather jackets, tight jeans and the body piercings. Visual-kei fans are frequently seen with wild haircuts and hair colors. The men who love this style are stated to be really ingenious, getting DIY fashion projects and personally designing their clothes by advanced pattern mixing and alternating second hands high-finish fashion brands with local designer’s masterpieces.


This is actually the male form of Gyaru-kei and also the little noisy brother of Onii-kei. Much like Gyaru, the Gyaruo boys are indicated and simply identified by their tanned skin, dyed hair, heavy makeup, and multiple body piercings. This style also offers subcategories borrowing biker, military, or rocker looks.

visual kei gyaruo
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