80s Attire for Men

July 7, 2016
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Image titled Dress for an 80s Party Step 1Shape your outfit. The 80s were a time period of experimentation with numerous styles. Women’s styles were rather large on the top and small at the base. An extra-large shirt was frequently combined with a miniskirt or tightly-fitted pants or tights.
  • For those who have an extra-large sweatshirt, cutting the neck from it to ensure that it dangles from the shoulder can offer a far more 80s look. Put on a fish tank top or sports bra underneath, ideally inside a vibrant color.
  • If you don't have extra-large tops or undersized bottoms, try searching inside your parents’ closet (they might have actual clothes in the 80s). More youthful brothers and sisters might have tight clothes which are not big enough for you personally that you could borrow for that bottoms.
Find or make shoulder pads. Shoulder pads were extremely popular in women’s clothing. The higher the shoulder pads, the greater. If you don't possess a shirt with shoulder pads, try stuffing your shirt with a few type of padding.Combine colors. Many 80s fashionistas selected bold, vibrant color combinations. Neon colors were particularly popular.
  • Suit your bottom and top and give a pop of contrasting color. For instance, electric blue pants and top could be highlighted having a vibrant yellow or pink belt and chunky ear-rings.
  • Contrast your vibrant colors. If you don't possess a matchy outfit, you may also put different vibrant colors together. Attempt to mix 3 or 4 different colors which are many different but all vibrant.
  • Vibrant tights could be worn underneath a miniskirt and capped with legwarmers of the different color.
Try an 80s punk look. Another approach is to choose much more of an 80s punk look, which may involve mostly black and jeans.
  • Put on a minimum of two different jeans. Males typically used jeans pants with jeans jackets. Women used jeans miniskirts having a jeans jacket. Males and ladies typically used a good shirt beneath the jeans jacket.
  • Mix jeans and lace. A vintage 80s look is really a lace top combined with jeans acidity-clean jeans or perhaps a jeans miniskirt. The contrast of drastically various materials is really a key feature of 80s style.
Put on sports clothes. Sports clothes were also popular within the eighties.Image titled Dress for an 80s Party Step 2 However, they were rather much more matchy than modern sports clothes.
  • Puffy sports pants along with a matching jacket combined with some athletic shoes could be a perfect 80s look. Though they might be difficult to find, velvet or velour sweat sets are more suitable.
  • Another method of sports put on may be the legendary 80s lady workout look: a leotard, tights, and legwarmers. All in contrasting vibrant colors is more suitable.

Method 2

Finding Vintage Clothes
  1. 6

    Go to your local thrift store. The easiest method to find great 80s-style clothing is to locate authentic clothing in the 80s. Thrift stores could be treasure troves for tacky, outdated styles, so they must be a starting point.

  2. 7

    Request older relatives about 80s clothing. You might be impressed by what individuals could keep saved within their loft or basement. Request any family people or neighbors who have been very young or early 20s within the eighties (born within the mid sixties) should they have any one of their old clothes that you should borrow.

  3. Search for specific clothing products which were popular. A couple of legendary 80s products to search for particularly are Members’ Only jackets, parachute pants, acidity cleaned or dyed jeans, t shirts with large logos in it, miniskirts, leg thermal wear, stretch pants with stirrups, one-piece jumpers, and jeans jackets.
  4. Search for materials which were popular within the 80s. Mixing various materials was extremely popular within the 80s. Try to look for clothing that's leather, jeans, velvet, velour, or lace. Come up with some aesthetically contrasting materials.
    • Also search for vibrant colors and crazy prints.
    • Request seniors in the thrift store when they believe that the products you've selected appear like in the eighties.

Image titled Dress for an 80s Party Step 3Method 3

Styling Hair
  1. Go large or stay at home. The 80s was indicated by large hair. Individuals with straight hair frequently got perms, which permanently curled their head of hair. However, hair could be temporarily made large having a comb, hairspray, and a few persistence should you tease hair.
  2. Crimp or curl hair. A crimper is really a special kind of hair straightener that crimps waves to your hair rich in warmth. Crimping could be somewhat time intensive, but you'll have an absolute 80s flair, and it'll make the flattest hair a lot more voluminous. Curling hair having a styling curler or curlers then throwing it together with your fingers and using hairspray is yet another easy way help make your hair bigger.
  3. Put on a mullet. Although the mullet is most regarded as a men’s hair do (summarized by legendary country singer Billy Ray Cyrus), within the 80s males and ladies used their head of hair in mullets.
    • Should you don't want to chop hair right into a mullet style, you will find a mullet hairpiece in a party store. You may even have the ability to cut a lengthy hairpiece right into a mullet style.
    • Make sure to tell everybody that the hair do is “business within the front” and “a party within the back.”
  4. 13

    Image titled Dress for an 80s Party Step 6Put on a side ponytail. Whether hair is straight or curly, a side ponytail is really a classic 80s hair do. Bigger is definitely better, if you can curl or tease hair before putting it right into a side ponytail, it'll look much more authentic.

Method 4

Adding accessories Your Thing
  1. Cut the fingers from mitts. Fingerless mitts were extremely popular, particularly when combined with a far more punk look with jeans and lace. Lace mitts are more suitable, but any mitts works.
  2. Put on large ear-rings. The ear-rings don't have to match one another. Putting on two different large earrings—for a guy or perhaps a woman—was very popular. If they're a vibrant color that either matches or contrasts your outfit, better still! If no chunky colorful or feather ear-rings can be found, gold ring ear-rings works.
  3. 16

    Find chunky bracelets. Repeat. Adding on the majority of different chunky bracelets can help produce a punk 80s look. Thick chains or beads were popular, and also the inclusion of the crucifix was frequently experienced too. The greater bracelets, the greater. You may even wish to layer on several various kinds of bangle and chunky bracelets in contrasting metals.

  4. Put on large shades. Large shades with plastic rims were extremely popular within the decade, even inside or during the night. Cheap children’s shades with vibrant earbuds are much like popular 80s shades. Gold-rimmed glasses were also popular and may frequently be located at party stores.
  5. Apply 80s makeup styles. Classic 80s makeup incorporated dark lipstick (for ladies as well as for punk males!) and incredibly vibrant eyeshadow. The attention shadow does apply within the entire lid from the eye, towards the eye brows. Some 80s celebs played around with with multiple eyeshadow colors previously, making 2 to 3 blocks of color.
  6. 19

    Put on a sweat band. A large sweatband over hair (ideally on the mullet) provides you with an 80s look. This accessory is most effective using the 80s workout attire: whether matching velour sweatsuit or leotard/tights/legwarmer combination.

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