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September 7, 2015
2014 of the latest fashion for

GettyImages-490871180.jpgCult designer, Ron Owens is called something of the digital rebel within the world of fashion who continuously pushes limitations and addresses difficult social issues but women putting on women was something we missed coming.

You may remember his men's clothing show from captured which revealed a mans models’ male organs around the catwalk.

Because he is constantly on the exceed his previous shows, this year wasn't any exception. Because of its spring/summer time 2016 womenswear show throughout Paris Fashion Week the brand new-You are able to based designer had models walk the catwalk along with other models adhering for their backs, strapped upside-lower, with legs and arms hanging like these were some kind of accessory - human backpacks for a moment - both models (the main one walking, and also the one hanging) were sporting the designer’s latest collection - a difficult one for individuals models cast to get familiar with the show, we believe.

But although it unquestionably got everybody speaking, it were built with a deeply symbolic meaning, mentioning to women’s capability to support and nurture one another inside a strong sisterhood.

“In the Spring men’s collection which shares exactly the same title (Cyclops), that focussed vision was propulsive and aggressive. When put on women’s, I observe that focussed vision being much more about nourishment, sisterhood/motherhood and regrowth, ” described Owens.

“Women raising women, women becoming women, and ladies supporting women – an enormous amount of women I understand little about and may only make an effort to amuse within my own small way…Straps could be about restraint but these are about support and cradling. Straps here become loving laces and ribbons.”

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