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February 10, 2017

Born from a long term friendship along with a mutual passion for shopping, Velvet Button Boutique continues to be keeping things stylish on Monroe Street since Feb 2013. Co-proprietors Karen Graeve and Rhonda Dittberner carry unique fashion lines consumers won’t find elsewhere in Madison.

Clothing in the brand Neesh (which describes its original appears to be “whimsical clothing for grown-up girls”) was created and created in Chicago. Other faves are systems, tops and dresses by Angelrox of Maine, and worldwide lines Angels Never Die and Mado et L'ensemble des Autres. Clothing is unfussy without having to be actual sportswear, and appear contemporary without seeming like they came direct in the mall.

Velvet Button also carries upcycled pieces, for example clothing, bags and add-ons produced from used saris — they are from Indie Ella, a Texas company that sources saris from Bangalore, India, where these clothes are frequently worn just once by affluent women.

The boutique also offers an accumulation of handbags produced from recycled tire tubes, bike tires, seed along with other burlap bags, with a mix-body strap produced from bike tires.

Jewellery is frequently Wisconsin-made and easy to customize.

While the different options are around $300 to have an item, you will find affordable pieces within the $30 range. The boutique also provides a rewards program — VBB Dollars — that makes regular clients 5% back.

Private parties could be reserved in-shop too, with wine and hors d’oeuvres.

Graeve and Dittberner was raised together in Sun Prairie and located themselves coming back a great imagine possessing a boutique together. Graeve left the interior planning area and Dittberner quit her job in a nonprofit to accept leap right into a start up business. “We wish to support small , indie designers and native artists, ” states Graeve.

Consumers can take pleasure in one-on-one attention. Graeve and Dittberner have assisted a lot of women find clothes that match their true style.

“We don’t enjoy being over-the-top, crazy-different, ” states Dittberner, “but sufficient to stick out a bit.Inches

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simple style】シンプルなコーディネート
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Simple Futuristic LA Fashion Week Hair style. 2012
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