Dress to your body shape

March 7, 2015
Dressing for your body shape

Flaunt: How to get your most figure-flattering Fix ever.This season, we’re vowing to free ourselves in the confines of figures. It’s hard enough—maybe even impossible—to pinpoint only one physique (why isn’t there a pear/triangular hybrid!?), so we’re presenting a different way of thinking on how to dress your figure. Rather, the bottom line is to learn to flaunt your very best features (everyone has them) &lifier understate individuals features you do not love (everyone has these, too). It makes sense a custom wardrobe that matches your curves perfectly.

Here’s how it operates:

  1. Discover the figure features you need to flaunt below.
  2. Find out more about which cuts flatter these functions &lifier why.
  3. Choose a couple of silhouettes you would like to test.
  4. Then inform your Stylist inside your Fix Note to obtain your most figure-flattering Fixes ever.

The derriere had its moment in 2015, but we say: flaunt what you got anytime, any year. If youFLAUNT YOUR CLEAVAGE

If you want to stress your bust (let individuals ladies free!), you will find methods to demonstrate to them off—from a subtle slit to some daring deep V.

Cut-out neck-line: A split at the neck-line hints to what’s below, without subjecting an excessive amount of.
Deep V-neck top: An in-depth-V neck-line elongates your top half &lifier draws the interest for your bust.
Wrap top: Globally flattering, wrap tops produce a flattering drape to focus on your chest.
Showing off your legs is incredibly liberating. For those of you with mile-long gams, muscular calves or shapely stems, show them off with tight white pants & shorter hemlines. Sheer neck-line: Sheer, delicate mesh at the neck-line is really a barely-there method to show some cleavage.


The derriere had its moment in 2015, but we are saying: flaunt that which you got anytime, any year. For pride inside your curves, here’s how you can showcase them—from body-disadvantage skirts to booty-embracing jeans.

Shorts: Fitted, mid-leg shorts stress your curves (instead of cut-offs, which could mask the look of an adequate derriere).
Skinny jeans: Choose a super-tight, “painted-on” fit for any more pronounced rear.
Sleek tights: It’s a way risk-taker’s dream. Not for everyday (or possibly they're!), a set of these showstoppers spotlight your righteous rump.
If you have washboard abs, a sexy midriff or a toned tummy, more power to you! It’s time to flaunt your midsection with form-fitting styles, like these key pieces. Pencil skirt: Much like your favorite bronzer, a pencil skirt curves &lifier defines. This stylish-embracing style is sexy, timeless &lifier leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination.


Revealing your legs is amazingly liberating. For individuals individuals with mile-lengthy gams, muscular calves or shaped stems, demonstrate to them served by tight whitened pants &lifier shorter hemlines.

Candy striped shorts: Shorts with vertical particulars like seersucker stripes or pleats pull the attention downward to focus on your lengthy braches.
Whitened jeans: Whitened jeans don't have any secrets. Therefore if you’re prepared to flaunt everything, consider using a super-skinny pair.
Asymmetrical skirt: Hiked-up hemlines showcase some leg! Put on with heels for optimum impact.
Short dress: The ultimate goal of confidence. To attract focus for your great gams, choose a dress with lengthy masturbator sleeves.

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